Enhancement service of auditory sensitivity based on neuroscience

You will be able to hear subtle differences in sound, such as pitch and tone. As a result, you can discover sounds that you haven’t heard before in the music you listen to and experience the music in a richer way.
When you play music, you will be able to understand the difference in the sound and voice you are playing, leading to more advanced performance.

We effectively enhance your auditory sensitivity based on the latest neuroscience.


  • Diagnosis of pitch discrimination accuracy
  • Training your pitch discrimination accuracy using neuroscience derived from diagnosis results

Recommended situations

  • for professional musicians, amateur musicians, and music students
    • It is essential to know your auditory sensitivity for a more accurate and rich performance
    • Who wants to be able to do solfege easily
  • for vocalists and karaoke lover
    • The more precise your sensory sensitivity is, the more accurately you can sing
    • Who wants to sing with more beautiful harmony
  • for audiophiles
    • Would you like to measure and enhance your musical ear?